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GE Company to the global industrial automation product sales and after-sales service,  professional agent for GE Consumer & Industrial motion control products, AV-300i digital computer-controlled AC speed control unit vector, DV-300 DC drive, RS-300 feedback cells, AF-300, AF-600, AF-300 G11, AF-300 P11,IS-200, AC-1000, AC-2000; GE Fanuc full range of PLC, VersaMax ,90-30 ,90-70, PACSystemsRX3i, PACSystems RX7i; GE EX2100,GE VME.

The company with a strong price advantage and strong technical force, based on the project implementation and product sales in order to highlight the leading edge technology, fully embody the user to purchase products is equal to the concept of purchasing services. Coal, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, urban public facilities, and other industries to provide reliable GE products, and provide effective user training and complete after-sales service to help enterprises to improve product quality, guarantee safety in production, improve production efficiency.

Our company has always been committed to a first-class automation of high-tech enterprise, with our advanced automation technology, reliable product quality,offer a reasonable price, quality and efficient after-sales service to win customers trust

Our goal: To the best of industrial automation technology, quality products and a full range of services and enhance the user's automated production levels.

Our spirit: integrity, dedication, unity, innovation

Our mission:reciprocal and win-win

Our services:Customers First




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